A Serious Personal and Professional Challenge – The 4-Hour Work Week

I recommend Timothy Ferriss’ “The 4-Hour Work Week” to all who want a serious and fundamental change challenge. Don’t be put off by the title which hints at the impossible, and allow yourself to work through this thought and action provoking book with an open mind. In short he explains how you can seriously improve your performance (personal, professional, and financial) whilst spending much less time (20% or less) working at it.

Whether you are in full-time employment, or seeking a change, or self-employed, or embarking on new path, the principles and practices are superb. And if you think that you will be fed mainly sugar with little substance you would be wrong; the content demands some very serious thought, and some fundamental paradigm and habit shifts, which are not that easy to put into practice. Just following Tim’s advice on maximising the return on two of your most valuable commodities – time and attention – proves to be a test in itself.

I’m a fan, albeit in the making!

About Ferrimontana

Organisational, Team and Individual Effectiveness: Human Resources & Organisational Development Expertise. We help organisations, teams and individuals to improve performance and effectiveness, and do this in either an advisory or direct operational capacity. We go beyond diagnosing/understanding improvement challenges by making the improvement happen and producing desired results in an arm-in-arm, collaborative manner.
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