Ferri Montana Offering

Organisational Effectiveness Assessments:

  • In depth audit of organisational effectiveness (using Burke & Litwin’s Model as an empirically proven OD framework)
  • Pre M&A (Merger and Acquisition) Organisational Due Diligence.
  • Post M&A Assessments – usually with the intention of implementing a clearly defined Change/Improvement Initiative.

Leading Effective Change and Improvement Initiatives:

1. Ferri Montana’s comprehensive “ Leading Change” Program, which includes:

  • In depth Assessment.
  • Defining a clear and detailed Change Plan.
  • Focussing the senior leadership on how they can guarantee success.
  • Structured workshops with stakeholders (Middle Mgrs, Project  and Task Teams, Employee Representatives, Organised Labour/Unions)
  • Project Management support.
  • Superb Communications
  • Intensive Care at key “break points” and “milestones” during the change process.
  • Bedding in and securing improved performance.
  • Celebrating and rewarding success.

2. Organisational Development Workshop

  • 1 day program aimed at either Senior Executives, Middle Mgt Leadership, or Human Resources Practitioners. Provides a tried and tested framework of how to assess and improve organisational effectiveness, and results in practical action plans for improvement.

3. Performance Management Workshop

  • 1 or 2 day practical workshop aimed at significantly improving managers’ and employees’ ability to communicate effectively about performance and to drive improvement.
  • Can be delivered to discreet groups, e.g. Managers and Supervisors, or can be rolled out as a comprehensive company wide performance improvement programme for all employees.
  • Guaranteed to energise, motivate, and improve performance.

Specialist Organisational Development and Performance Improvement Partners:

Ferri Montana Ltd offers a number of specialist services through formal collaboration with the following business partners. One core value binds Ferri Montana Ltd and the Business Partners:

  • TrackSurveys – Employee Engagement Surveys and Performance Management Tools.
  • TRACC, and their Integrative Improvement System (iiS) – Manufacturing Best Practice and Supply Chain Expertise by Competitive Capabilities International.
  • Paul Siegenthaler – Comprehensive Company/M&A Integration Management.
  • Lindsay Wittenberg – Senior Leadership Coaching in an Organisational Setting.