Specialist Organisational Development

Ferri Montana Ltd offers a number of specialist services through formal collaboration with the following business partners. One core value binds Ferri Montana Ltd and the Business Partners :

“Service that is based on solid, tried-and-tested methodology and technical expertise, and delivered by hands-on, experienced, robust practitioners – Depth and Sustainable Application combined.”

130611 Depth thru Collaborative Partnerships


Manufacturing Best Practice & Supply Chain Expertise:

266_TRACCportraitlogo_straplineCCI is a global operations and manufacturing management consultancy with a 20 year reputation of collaborating with companies to help them become and remain world class. CCI’s core expertise in manufacturing and supply chain best practices are unparalleled. Through specialist expertise in WCM, TPM, Six Sigma, and Lean, CCI build and revitalise companies’ capability to deliver measurable and sustainable performance improvement. CCI provides services globally to organisations including Heinz, DuPont, AkzoNobel, Kellogg’s and SABMiller.

CCI’s  footprint spans more than 65 countries, and 1000+ operations across the globe are using TRACC, their Integrative Improvement System (iiS).

CCI’s exceptional reputation stems from over 25 years’ experience in the industry and a proven ability to integrate people and processes productively.

The focus on results-based solutions brings about increased competitiveness, process and practice improvements, as well as substantial savings for clients.

CCI further maintains strong links with research bodies, top business and management schools — such as Cranfield University, the University of Oxford and the University of Cape Town — and renowned international academic experts, to ensure continuous testing of new methodologies.


Employer Engagement Surveys, Performance Management, and Learning System Tools:

logoTrackSurvey LogoTrack Surveys have been designing and delivering bespoke 360 Degree Feedback and other performance related systems for the past 13 years.  In that time, the company has delivered talent support systems to thousands of users in Europe, the UK, the US, Asia and the Middle East.

Track’s Technology for Talent Suite is a set of customisable, modular, online tools in multi-language format, that will revolutionise how you deliver your Talent and People Development activities.  The suite includes:

Feedback and Surveys:

  • Empower 360 is an easy –to-use tool that allows you to run your 360 Degree Feedback with minimum administration and effort, and includes branding and the ability to re-use or edit content
  • Empower Team is a flexible and customised team Feedback tool, allowing teams to assess their own skills and team-working capability, and to obtain feedback from the people and the teams they work with.
  • Empower Climate Check is a fast and flexible tool for running professional Employee and Engagement  surveys, in multi-languages, and across dispersed organisations, regions and countries.

Performance Management :

  • Empower Performance is an online tool that simplifies and streamlines your Performance Management process. Empower Performance includes screens and forms for Setting Objectives, Development and Career Planning.  These areas are accessed online by the Employee and his/her line manager, and used with the 360 Degree Feedback module and Click and Book (see below), provide a seamless link between feedback, development planning and learning.

Learning Management:

  • Empower Click & Book: a tailored, online learning management tool,  that allows you to provide a Personalised suite of training and development activities for each employee, based on their role, grade or department.  You can also link it to their 360 and their Development Plan, making it really easy for them to follow the process through from feedback and appraisal, to development planning, to course booking and attendance.
  • Empower Meet My Coach is a simple and effective tool that allows you to manage your cohorts of Coaches and Coachees, and all their coaching activities.

Jo Ayoubi the MD is a Learning and Development professional and spent many years running large development and training programmes, so she and her team of expert coaches, trainers, talent management and leadership development specialists are ideally placed to support businesses to deliver excellent services to their people.


Comprehensive Business Integration Expertise:

Paul Siegenthaler PicPaul Siegenthaler helps merging or acquired companies to integrate successfully, and has driven major business transformation programmes across Western Europe and North America, ensuring they deliver the business case their shareholders had been promised.  He works with companies from the final stages of their due diligence to prepare them for their forthcoming integration, and then leads that integration process until the business has stabilized.  He does this by managing all the integration issues on behalf of the client company and coordinating all external advisors, allowing the rest of the company’s executive team to focus primarily on running the day-to-day business to maintain it on a successful track whilst the integration progresses.

Paul has worked in 12 countries and lived in 6; is a fluent English, German, and French speaker; and lectures in his field at London School of Economics, Manchester Business School and HEC Business school in Paris – a true practitioner who has both the technical expertise and in depth international experience.


Senior Executive Coaching in an Organisational Setting:

Lindsay WittenbergExecutive coach Lindsay Wittenberg equips senior people (CEOs, Board members and those one level below) to tap in more fully to their true capabilities, to think more clearly and behave more authentically, and to make well-grounded decisions and judgments which drive them and their organisations forward.

The outcomes that she enables last because her clients gain a deep level of self-awareness which in turn can spark profound change.  Lindsay’s coaching relationships get beyond what shows on the surface, creating a safe space for risky thinking. Her clients become more engaging and inspiring leaders who elicit more from their workforces, release the latent resources in diverse and multi-cultural teams, build and sustain high performance levels in themselves and others, and manage change effectively while delivering business as usual.

Lindsay specialises in authentic leadership, career development, and cross-cultural coaching. Originator of the Wittenberg Career Coaching Model, clients describe her as inspiring, challenging, insightful, and supportive, with a robust business edge.

Lindsay has worked in Luxembourg, France, Israel, and now resides in the UK. She holds an Advanced Diploma (with Distinction) in Professional Coaching and Mentoring, and Certificates in The Psychology of Coaching and Gestalt Coaching Skills, and was awarded the EMCC’s European Individual Accreditation at Senior Practitioner Level.

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