Summary of Achievements

GTECH – Post M&A Integration

The assignment for this Digitial Gaming Division was to integrate 5 newly acquired owner-managed entrepreneurial businesses, operating in 5 major locations across Europe and India, into a single operational unit.

Linpac Allibert – Post M&A Integration

The period post M&A of Linpac Materials Handling and Allibert within the German subsidiary was marked by difficulties in leadership, integration, middlemen management capability, and a lack of results. We assisted Linpac Allibert Germany over a 12 month period by:

  • Establishing suitable leadership and middle management talent.
  • Building coherence and a shared vision between the Group’s vision and the German subsidiaries strategic and operational focus.
  • Strengthened the commercial function.
  • Relocated the commercial and support functions to a new office and re-energised company leadership.
  • Left the company stable and focussed, with capable executive leadership.

First National Bank Electronic Banking

We successfully worked with the CIO and the teams in the department, and using the Balanced Scorecard method established a very clear approach to operationalising and measuring strategic priorities.

The following objectives were achieved:

  • Made strategy everybody’s everyday job.
  • Established a simple method and process of sustaining this.
  • Established clearly understood cause and effect relationships between the daily activities (and individual accountability) and strategic objectives.
  • Ensured that strategic objectives and their measures could be translated into performance agreements that directly link daily/ personal effort with the key strategic priorities, and that a clear line of sight was established between what the team and individuals do and what they would be measured on and rewarded for.
  • Coached the CIO to drive convergent and coordinated effort, and to improve both performance and reward.

Sodexo Alliance

Invited by Sodexho Group CEO to lead the strategic review of the Offset Program in the UK and globally. Offset collaboration relates to the activity of counter-trade obligations incurred mainly by large defence and industrial/infrastructure manufacturers. Sodexho provides services to many such industrial and defence clients, and is required to assist them in their offset obligations.

Tiger Wheels

Assisted in solving quality inspection problems at the Manufacturing facility using problem solving analysis and insights based on:

  • Vital elements when dealing with Vigilance Intensive Work Tasks.
  • Prerequisites for the effective management and improvement of performance.
  • Prerequisites for an effective quality control function.
  • Vital elements for an effective team.

Ugandan Urban Water Sector Reform

Institutional Reform project for the Ugandan Urban Water Sector. This included the complete diagnosis of current organizational and institutional arrangements, recommendations of reform options, the regulatory and legal framework, private sector participation options and other management options, and the management of change in the reform process. This required high involvement in the consultation and communication process with stakeholders, donors and development partners.

Ugandan 7 Towns Water and Sanitation Strategy

Institutional component for the 7 Rural Towns Water and Sanitation Project, which comprised analysis and the development of a Water and Sanitation Strategic Development Plan for each of the 7 towns. This included an institutional analysis, and institutional strategy for each town as related to water and sanitation, manpower planning and training and development plans.

Afrox Share Scheme Restructuring

The project entailed the following:

  • Closure of the existing Unit Trust Scheme in a manner compliant with the provisions of the trust, and compliant with the requirements of the law, the JSE rules, and principles of sound governance.
  • Design of the new Share Options Scheme, called the Share Appreciation Rights Scheme, in line with practices used by British Oxygen Company.
  • Launch the new Share Appreciation Rights (SAR) Scheme, which was equitable with the Share Option Scheme in place for Afrox Healthcare.
  • Replacement of the benefit enjoyed by the unit holders to a benefit under the new SAR Scheme which ensures that employees were no worse off due to the termination of the Unit Trust Scheme and the commencement of the new Scheme.
  • Follow a process which is fair and complies with South African employment practices and requirements.
  • Project manage and execute all administration, staff correspondence, and payment of staff.
  • Transfer a complete and up-to-date database of all share scheme participants.

Afrox Healthcare – Nursing Shortage Strategy

The project objective was to analyse the alleged nursing shortage in hospitals and to make recommendations in this regard:

  • Providing a sound process and methodology/ instrument to gather the required data and information, and to undertake the data gathering.
  • Providing a sound methodology to isolate and define the key causes of the nursing shortage, and to undertake such analysis.
  • Providing a sound methodology to assess the effectiveness, feasibility and pay-value of the recommendations, and document these recommendations as a position paper.

Anglo American Platinum Corporation – Incentive Scheme Analysis

The assignment included:

  • An analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, regarding the equity / fairness of the Anglo Platinum Incentive Scheme. This comprised:
    • Phase 1 – Scheme orientation and familiarisation, defining equity and fairness, high level analysis indicating potential areas of unfairness, and the development of an analysis framework for quantitative and qualitative analysis.
    • Phase 2 – A quantitative and qualitative analysis using the analysis framework to substantiate findings of fairness (or otherwise).

At the end of this process Anglo Platinum was in a position to judge the fairness of the scheme and to take steps to improve both the scheme and its application.

Anglo American Platinum Corporation – Remuneration Philosophy, Strategy and Plan

The compilation of a comprehensive Remuneration Philosophy, Strategy and Implementation plan, which was aligned to the organisations strategic objectives, and addressed the attraction and retention of key skills.

Anglo American Platinum Corporation – Staff Retention and Attraction Strategy

The compilation of a comprehensive Staff Retention and Attraction Strategy, which included the benchmarking of best practice, and the alignment and referencing to related policy.

South African Breweries – Management Team Development in Polish Breweries

As part of a project on manufacturing best practice, the leadership and team management with regard to transformation and change management required to promote manufacturing best practice.

Accelerated Development Programme for the Independent Development Trust

A comprehensive management development program, delivered in modular form (11 Modules) covering the key aspects of business. The programme is delivered over a period of about 14 months, includes facilitated work sessions, assignments and extensive student involvement. The programme is accredited as required by the National Qualification Framework.

Portnet – Remuneration Equity Analysis

The purpose of the audit was to ensure that remuneration inequity, which cannot be substantiated objectively, and which is based on race and/or gender, is identified and that recommendations to normalise the situation are made. This entailed the detailed analysis of the remuneration of about 10,000 employees using specialised software, and to generate recommendations.

SABC – Remuneration Equity Analysis

The purpose of the audit was to ensure that remuneration inequity, which cannot be substantiated objectively, and which is based on race and/or gender, was identified and that strategies to normalise the situation were implemented.